What’s the point of Police and Crime Commissioners?

Posted on: 27th October 2015

What’s the point of Police and Crime Commissioners? Many will know my view, there is no point! I don’t necessarily blame individual Police and Crime Commissioners, indeed the fact our own Tony Hogg is not standing for re-election suggests that he does not see the point either. I know that he feels the funding to Devon and Cornwall is inadequate for our needs but I then ask myself, if resources are limited, should we be paying something like £3m per year for the Police and Crime Commissioner and his office locally? Multiply that across the country and then add the cost of the elections to tax payers and Political Party’s and I really do wonder, what’s the point?!

Outside Penzance Police station, closed to public

Cllr Sue James joining demonstrators at Penzance Police Station after decision to close the front desk to the public

Some will know this is not an a recent view and if any ones wants to read my views, over time thoughts on Police and Crime Commissioner posts, will give you the background.

Although many might think what is the point of e-petitions, on the Government website, they are part of our democracy so I’ve set up a new petition: Scrap Police & Crime Commissioner posts. Invest savings into community policing.

I need 10,000 to sign it in order to get the Government to respond to what I’m saying and 100,000 to get it debated in Parliament, where I think I might get support for scrapping them. I cannot get 100,000 signatures on my own. The petition went live a week ago and I have achieved getting 194 people to sign from my efforts! Whilst not everyone will be willing to put that much effort in, if every person who agreed both signed and found 10 others to sign, it would go viral very quickly.

Enough words, here is the petition: Scrap Police and Crime Commissioners Petition