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Proposal to Establish West Cornwall as International Dark Sky Reserve

Proposal to establish West Cornwall as an International Dark Sky Reserve through the International Dark Sky Association is underway. International Dark Sky Association This is a community led informal partnership project, supported by Cornwall Council but to go forward to

Special Meeting at County Hall to Consider Climate Emergency

A special meeting took place at County Hall in Truro yesterday to consider the Global Climate Emergency and what the Council can and should be doing as part of wider Cornwall actions. It was great to see so many familiar

First Duty as Deputy Mayor: Celebrating a Welcome Stranger and the Pendeen connection

First duty as Deputy Mayor: Celebrating a Welcome Stranger and the Pendeen connection was an absolute pleasure. After being elected as the new Deputy Mayor for St Just there were some official engagements to sort and I was asked to

Community Chest Grants Helping our Local Community

Community Chest Grants helping our local Community – a look back and my priorities for the next year. Those readers of Outreach will already have picked this up but this is for those that have not. This year I used

Climate Change – From Me & Cornwall Council

I thought I would share a few things just to show I’m not ignoring all the community effort on Climate Change. I have used the Climate Vision pledges to further my journey to understand about Climate Change and to start

Pendeen Surgery: The Continuing Saga!

Pendeen Surgery: the continuing saga. The complexity of the Health Service and the illusion that it is all in public ownership probably explains most of the merry-go-round I’ve been on! I won’t bore you with all the details of my

Pendeen Surgery Update

I just wanted to give a brief update on the Pendeen surgery situation as I do not want people to think that I’m doing nothing! First, it is still on the market and I am told a purchase is going

More Time for Local Matters after May

People will know that since I joined Cornwall’s Cabinet in June 2017, I’ve not been able to attend so many of our local events and have just not been around as much. My car knows it’s own way to County

Mystery circles appear on the grass at County Hall

Mystery circles appear on the grass at County Hall that had everyone guessing for a while. I’m delighted to say that they are the first step towards my vision of wild flowers planted instead of just overly mowed grass at

Cornwall Civic Award Nominations Open

Cornwall Civic Awards The Cornwall Civic Awards were launched in 2015, by the Chairman of Cornwall Council, in order to recognise anyone worthy of a formal ‘thank you’ for their contribution to their community.  This can be for services to

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