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Ponies Grazing Our Fields

Posted on: 3rd April 2024 | by Sue James | Posted in Blog

The Ponies that are grazing our fields at Higher Carnyorth Farm are cared for by the charity, Poppy and the Pit Ponies. Poppy and the Pit Ponies is a charity set up to rescue ponies from Dartmoor that might otherwise be put down, due to over stocking. Find our more about Poppy and the PitRead More »

Time to Join the Dark Side

Posted on: 2nd April 2024 | by Sue James | Posted in Blog

Time to join the Dark Side might seem an odd way for a Politician to start a blog post but I promise you I’ve not joined a dodgy cult of Political group. As it is Dark Skies week, I thought I’d say something about why ‘dark’ is good or, in other words, ‘light pollution isRead More »

Do you love techy equipment problems? St Ives Lib Dems need you!

Posted on: 7th February 2024 | by Sue James | Posted in Blog

If you love techy equipment problems then St Ives Lib Dems need you! The local party has been donated a wonderful bit of kit to fold leaflets and even put them in envelopes which could save many volunteer hours BUT, no-one in the Office has the time or skills to get to grips with howRead More »

Moving On; Changing Gear

Posted on: 16th December 2023 | by Sue James | Posted in Blog

Moving on; changing gear as I look to 2024. THE LOWS The lows of 2023 have been the death of friends, so my generation beginning to depart and that makes you think! All my parents generation, uncles, aunts are gone and when my cousin’s husband died, I thought sadly the next round of funerals areRead More »

Praying for a General Election & Change of Government

Posted on: 1st November 2023 | by Sue James | Posted in Blog

Praying for a General Election & change of Government was literally a person’s Prayer note on a Prayer tree in a church. I’m not a religious person but the sentiment is one I’m sure many who are struggling and those of us who care, share. If you live in the St Ives constituency a freeRead More »

Radical Housing Thoughts…

Posted on: 24th October 2023 | by Sue James | Posted in Blog

RADICAL HOUSING CONFERENCE 12-13 OCTOBER 2023 These are my notes/ ideas BUT they cannot do justice to a 2 day conference. Made contacts and gained some ideas and motivation to keep trying! Day 1 – Community Land & Finance Key learning point for me was that The Church is stepping up to recognise and respondRead More »

Meet Winston

Posted on: 27th September 2023 | by Sue James | Posted in Blog

I thought that it was time I put my new pet…Winston on my website! After we lost our spaniel, Cara, last March we debated long and hard and decided to go the rescue route. Little did we know that we’d be asked to take a cockerpoo pup! He is about 6 months now. Into allRead More »

Time to step up for Political Change

Posted on: 30th August 2023 | by Sue James | Posted in Blog

Time to step up for Political Change because without St Ives Liberal Democrats having more money, volunteers (all sorts of jobs) and Members we will not get a different M.P. I respect that not everyone who wants Political Change locally and Nationally will be keen supporters of the Liberal Democrats BUT, in the St IvesRead More »

Lafrowda Festival 2023

Posted on: 16th July 2023 | by Sue James | Posted in Blog

Lafrowda Festival 2023 was an amazing success despite the weather. We have an amazing community that gets this planned and running smoothly. You will find some amazing photographs on-line and possibly amongst the best are from photojournalist Greg Martin Lafrowda Festival 2023 in pictures I did see many of you around on Lafrowda Saturday but haveRead More »

Political Journeys – mine, yours, our Country’s!

Posted on: 19th February 2023 | by Sue James | Posted in Blog

Political Journeys – mine, yours, our Country’s – wow, that’s a big topic and I can feel people thinking with trepidation, where am I going with this? To be honest, at the moment, I’m not sure but the triggers are threefold: Liberal Democrats winning a Cornwall Council by-election last week and many hours talking andRead More »