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Normal Service Will Be Resumed ASAP

Posted on: 15th January 2022 | by Sue James | Posted in Blog

Normal service from me will be resumed ASAP but you will forgive me not giving the community my full attention at the moment as my dad died on Tuesday. Dad lived with me since 2009 and I have been his carer so hopefully you will understand I’m a bit all over the place, due toRead More »

My Proud Day – Announcing the Dark Sky Designation

Posted on: 11th December 2021 | by Sue James | Posted in Blog

My proud day – announcing the International Dark Sky Park Designation for West Penwith at PK Porthcurno. Although no representatives of the press came, I still made a formal announcement about our achievement in getting this recognition from the International Dark Sky Association, as there were some local elected people that had not been onRead More »

Housing Crisis: What can and what should we do?

Posted on: 29th October 2021 | by Sue James | Posted in Blog

Housing Crisis: What can and what should we do? First define ‘we’? It is very easy to be concerned about it or even worse be overwhelmed because that notice to leave your rented home has just arrived, but who can do something about it that will make a difference? I could start with idealistic thingsRead More »

A bit of a ramble….

Posted on: 23rd October 2021 | by Sue James | Posted in Blog

This is a bit of a ramble as I am conscious that since I stopped being a Cornwall Councillor in May I have dramatically reduced my posts on my website and am not so active on social media. I am still a (Town) councillor of course, and as Mayor of St Just, I have beenRead More »

Shout Out to Farmers on Plastic Disposal

Posted on: 1st October 2021 | by Sue James | Posted in Blog

Shout out to Farmers on plastic disposal as (whoopee!) the Environment Agency want to work with and support farmers’ to dispose of plastics properly, which will be great for our local environment. I’ll be honest here, whilst there has been a great awareness in the need to reduce plastics and the emergence of plastic freeRead More »

COVID Update and Ponderings

Posted on: 28th August 2021 | by Sue James | Posted in Blog

So, as infection rates in Cornwall reach very worrying levels and being ‘top’ of a National COVID league table is not a good thing, I’ve decided to give you an update (more factual stuff) and ponderings (real life family and friends stuff). Cornwall, alongside Devon, Plymouth, Torbay and the Isles of Scilly, has been designatedRead More »

Modular Homes …Would Your Consider Living in One?

Posted on: 1st August 2021 | by Sue James | Posted in Blog

Modular Homes …Would Your Consider Living in One? They are not traditional build but, I believe they are more sustainable, in terms of building materials and much faster to deliver. The housing crisis that is pushing locals out of their communities and making those living in private rented accommodation feel nervous and insecure does callRead More »

Trewellard’s Mineshaft

Posted on: 3rd July 2021 | by Sue James | Posted in Blog

If you have ventured along the coast road to Trewellard then you will have notice traffic control and high fences. Unless on foot, bicycle or a passenger, you might not have managed to see what is going on. I’ll give you the end of the story, it is a huge great mineshaft, before going backRead More »

Sue as a Local Town Councillor Speaks

Posted on: 5th June 2021 | by Sue James | Posted in Blog

As your local Town Councillor I am going to try to set out my communication thoughts and plans. First, I do intend to keep this website going and I do intend to still put out local newsletters but posts and emails might not be so frequent as before. If you look along the tabs onRead More »

Could You Change a Childs Life?

Posted on: 24th May 2021 | by Sue James | Posted in Blog

Could you change a child’s life? If you have room in your heart and home for a child that needs love and a secure and safe place to live then don’t hesitate to find out more about fostering. Fostering in Cornwall Although not since living in Cornwall, when we were younger, my husband and IRead More »