Warning of Adders around Cornwall

Posted on: 5th May 2018
Cara after Adder bite

Cara, rather sad and swollen, back at the vets yesterday 24 hours after an Adder bite

Warning of Adders around Cornwall so please be vigilant if walking dogs where there is long grass. My dog got bitten when I was walking the coastal footpath and the Adder was right next to it in a longish, small patch of grass.

Archie the Fire Dog kindly put out a warning to his doggy followers on Twitter, which I share here as it has useful links.

Archie_FireDog (@Archie_FireDog)
Did you know the #Adder is most commonly found in the #SouthWest?
If you are walking your #Pup & encounter a bite remember to;
?Stay calm
?Reduce the movement the dog
?Call a veterinary centre to seek treatment
Visit bit.ly/Vets4PetsAdders for information. #AdderAware ?? pic.twitter.com/g4XPdmdoXj

I have been sharing news of my spaniel on Facebook and thank all those well wishers. A summary so far:  She was treated with antihistamine when the bite happened (Thursday afternoon) and whilst she seemed to be doing ok, by Friday afternoon the swelling was spreading as she was drawling. I took her back to the vets and she was admitted and given anti-venom. By late evening she seemed to be improving again but was kept in overnight.

May 5th a.m: As I type now, she is stable (a phrase that evokes mixed feelings) but still struggling to recover, despite us getting her to the vets in less than 40 mins. Seems she has reacted more than most dogs.

May 5th afternoon: Cara is having a plasma transfusion this afternoon as her platelets are getting used up fighting things so her blood is not clotting properly and is causing bruising in her mouth and around her eyes, to add to the swellings. Hopefully we can visit her later.

May 5th late afternoon/ early eve: Cara was definitely pleased to see me when I visited her at the vets and she has won the hearts of the vet and nurse treating her! Still quite a bit of swelling popping up in various places and now bruising appearing not only in her mouth but also over her chest. Tail wagging and eating though so 2 good signs!


Cara during my visit to her at the vets. Love those smart bandages!

May 6th morning: Told Cara well enough to come home although we must monitor her closely and take her back in if any change. I think in this case, a picture tells a thousand words!

Arny, our 3-legged spaniel, welcoming Cara home from the vets after her encounter with an Adder!

May 8th: Took Cara back to the vets. He was visibly relieved and pleased to see her so well. Told me the team had worried we might lose her when she went in on Friday afternoon. All the swelling has gone down but some tests on her urine still leave some worries so we are back there again on Friday, just to check these have resolved as hoped. She is still on medication but 5 days after her encounter with the Adder, it seems she has pulled through. Just to reassure folk though, the vet also said today that Cara’s reaction to the bite was the worst he had ever seen so we’ve been very unlucky.

May 12: Pleased to report that Cara has been signed off as fully recovered now! Thanks you for many kind messages. And here she is looking her old self!

Cara, fit and well again!