Twitter has a new person tweeting

Posted on: 5th September 2014

Twitter has a new person tweeting! I know I said I would not join social media and that I had to have my arm twisted to start this website but I have changed my mind.

I have joined twitter – @SueCllrsuejames – with a purpose. If you ‘follow’ me you will not discover what I had for breakfast or what I am watching on TV. For those who feel there is not enough politics on this website, then my twitter account will be for you. I set it up to help me get the message out about the petition to cancel the Police and Crime Commissioner elections in 2016 (the link is here, in case you have missed it ) I will use twitter for national and local political messages and to spread the word on any campaigns that I want a wider group of people to hear about than the community of St Just and Pendeen, where I largely aim the website.

I will not join Facebook – well unless a purpose for that emerges dreckly!