Tim Farron has launched Cornwall Council elections campaign for the Liberal Democrats

Posted on: 30th January 2017
Tim Farron with Cornwall's LibDem Councillors and candidates.

Tim Farron with Cornwall’s LibDem Councillors and candidates.

Tim Farron has launched Cornwall Council elections campaign for the Liberal Democrats. If you want to help them win visit St Ives Liberal Democrats page

Over three hectic days, Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron crisscrossed Cornwall meeting candidates and supporters, to kick off the campaign for elections to Cornwall Council in May.

Out canvassing with local candidates, Tim said “We want to turn Cornwall yellow again. The people of Cornwall are being let down by the Conservatives, both in government and by their local MPs, who are spineless in standing up to their friends in Westminster and Whitehall”.

As well as out campaigning, Tim met local members at packed events in Truro and Launceston, and a wide range of local community leaders to hear their concerns about the issues facing Cornwall.

“Cornwall has a strong Liberal heritage standing up for local people, and that has never been needed as much as now in the face of this Conservative Government” said Tim. “Winning Cornwall is going to be a priority for me and the party nationally over the next few months, as we show that the Liberal Democrats are the true and effective opposition to the government in the country”

STP Cornwall

Sustainability and Transformation plans, shaping the future for Health and Social Care in Cornwall

In a Cornish Times interview, Tim Farron gave this message to those concerned about the future of our NHS “A LibDem led council would not accept the Government’s Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) which is currently being consulted on.” He went on to say “This is a hugely important and largely misunderstood plan. It’s not about improving healthcare services, it’s about cuts of upto a quarter £billion. It’s unthinkable that a LibDem led Cornwall Council would give this plan support.”

To have overall control of Cornwall Council, Liberal Democrats need to get 62 councillors elected. The only other group in the running to achieve that is the conservatives – what do readers think their plans for the health service might be and would Cornwall be safe in total control of Tories?

Sue with Tim Farron at County Hall

Sue with Tim Farron at County Hall