Some sensitive planning applications about

Posted on: 21st August 2016

Some sensitive planning applications about in the St Just/ Pendeen areas. I consider myself as quite good at weighing up evidence objectively and taking a range of conflicting views and opinions into account. However, sometimes my heart does sink as I feel that some applications will attract much attention and whatever the outcome, there will be heartache and consequences.

I seem to be in that situation now with the National Trust looking to install pay and display parking meters and the accompanying signs down at Cape Cornwall, Botallack and Levant – applications PA16/07328, PA16/07329, PA16/07331, PA16/07331, PA16/07335 and PA16/07336. If that was not enough there is also the application from Cornwall Garden Services to move their yard from Carnyorth to Leswidden PA15/05214. This is an old application that has re-surfaced after laying quiet for a while.

If people want to make their views known it is best to try to do this without the emotion and anger that the schemes might evoke and consider carefully what planning reasons there might be. Equally, for those reading this that feel, “why is everyone getting excited by this one or that one” do also take the time to comment. It is very easy for comments to just be from objectors whilst those feeling the application is justified or even necessary do not feel they need to speak.

To find out the best way to make comments on planning applications, go to my home page and click the link under planning.

We are lucky to live in a wonderful place and whilst no one wants it harmed, we do not live in a museum and if nothing new happened our community could die very slowly. I suspect I will have some troubled hours weighing up all sides in these applications but I will do so carefully and seek the right outcome, long term. However, like all of you reading this, I can only influence and do not make the final decision.