Planning Applications in St Just Parish, during COVID 19

Posted on: 4th April 2020

Arrangements for dealing with Planning Applications in Cornwall is having to change and I want to keep you up to date in the St Just Parish, during COVID 19.

Temporary changes to publicity on planning applications during the COVID-19 pandemic

Cornwall Council will not be displaying a Site Notice for the majority of planning applications during the COVID-19 crisis. While the legislation for most applications requires either a Site Notice or a Neighbour Notification, the Council has previously committed to both forms of publicity. However, during the current situation the Council will not be displaying Site Notices, which will ensure officers are not travelling out of their homes unless absolutely necessary to protect the health of residents and Council employees.

The only exceptions are applications for development affecting a Public Right of Way, development representing a departure from the Development Plan or applications for EIA development accompanied by an Environmental Statement, as these applications require a Site Notice to be displayed. For these applications during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Council will either post a Site Notice to applicants and ask them to display it or agree to an extension of time until the restrictions on travel no longer apply.

As a result of the above, I will put on my Cllr Sue James Facebook page, a copy of the local planning list, when it is put together for Town Council. Alternatively, if you are concerned you might miss something then go to the planning page of the Cornwall Council website and sign up to be notified of planning applications in our area. Also, the next St Just Town Council (virtual) meeting is 20 April and the agenda with the planning list will be on the website by Wednesday 15th April St Just Town Council website

Planning Committees

Planning Committees have been suspended so, if there are controversial planning applications that I might have called to committee, I will be having robust conversations with Planning Officers and can involve the Chair of Planning committee if concerned and will be able to make representations to a senior planning officer, who will make the decisions; we are assured that does not mean just support planning officer recommendations. It is therefore more important than ever that people put their views on planning applications of the Cornwall Council planning portal, whether you want to support or oppose it. I will be monitoring public comments, as I always do.

Temporary changes in planning enforcement during the COVID-19 pandemic

There will be some temporary changes in Cornwall Council’s planning enforcement during the COVID-19 pandemic to better manage resources and to take into account legislation introduced by the Government permitting temporary changes to of use to takeaways and Government advice on tolerating extended delivery times for essential business.

Cornwall Council’s current policy is to investigate all reported matters following a desktop triage process, although formal enforcement action is discretionary.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Council will not be fully investigating:

  • Breaches of planning conditions relating to delivery times to essential businesses
  • Changes of use of cafes and restaurants to takeaways
  • Householder development (unless the person reporting demonstrates significant harm)
  • Breaches of construction traffic management plans (unless the person reporting demonstrates significant harm)
  • Adverts

There will also be ongoing enforcement matters that may have to be tolerated for temporary period during the lockdown while employees are unable to travel.