Penwith Landscape Partnership Project

Posted on: 18th September 2014

Penwith Landscape Partnership project: First and Last – Our Living Working Landscape

This is a local partnership project with members of the board being Cornwall Councillors representing 4 Penwith wards, Zennor Parish Council, farming representatives,  a Penwith based micro-business, Cornwall Ancient Sites Protection Network (CASPN), Cornwall Archaeological Society, National Trust, St Aubyn Estates, Farm Cornwall, Bolitho Estates, Penwith Access and Rights of Way (PAROW), Penwith Community Development Trust, Save Penwith Moors, Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Cornwall AONB.  Advisors to the Shadow Board include:  Natural England, Cornwall Council Historic Environment Section and Cornwall Rural Community Council

Our Vision

The cliffs, fields, downs and moors of the Penwith peninsula combine to create a wild, ancient and mysterious landscape that is valued and celebrated by locals and visitors. The area is renowned for its unique combination of historic, cultural and natural assets with numerous national and international designations reflecting the significance of the landscape and its heritage.

Shaped by humans, with Bronze Age farmed landscapes visible today, farmers continue to play a key role in the stewardship of the Penwith landscape. The ancient field systems, on thin soils and buffeted by Atlantic winds, support viable farming that is sensitive to the valued landscape, heritage and biodiversity.

Our vision is a resilient living, working Penwith landscape where farming prospers while protecting natural resources, restoring habitat connectivity and enhancing the archaeological heritage; a landscape that is loved, enjoyed and supported by local communities and visitors.

The video link below gives the essence of what the project hopes to achieve. The Board are in the process of seeking funding.

Cllr Sue James is one of the 4 Cornwall Councillors and is very excited and hopeful that the project can bring jobs, training, health, environmental and heritage benefits to our area. A tremendous opportunity emerging from a diverse partnership.