Our Pendeen Space for Nature: The Leat

Posted on: 15th June 2018

Our Pendeen Space for Nature: The Leat is a wonderful place but it might need us to find a way to nurture it like local community champions did in the past. Those that want to start with the history, use the link to another part of the website. Memories Tab look for the Leat Project

The Leat, Leat Road, Pendeen

I first became aware of this wonderful area back in 2015 when I was approached by Arthur Matthews to do something about the space as it had become sadly neglected. With the help of our community and Town Councillors, we did manage to restore it closer to its former glory before Arthur passed away. The 2015 restoration story

Since then, every year, I fear the grass will not be cut but every year it is! It is not like a lawn but it would look wrong if it was cut like a lawn but someone (possibly a local Cormac worker) does just occasionally stop it going to rack and ruin! Thank you, whoever you are!!!

However, since our efforts in 2015, the weed in the Leat has got out of control. This is a job for someone with some expertise rather than amateurs although willing community volunteers can assist and learn. So, who knows how to care for ponds? Who wants to become part of a community team to love and cherish this space as Arthur and others did before?

Please email me or message me through social media if you can assist in any way. Back in the 80’s the community won an award for this project so could we rise to that challenge again in the 21st Century?