Naming of affordable housing site in Pendeen

Posted on: 29th October 2014
Land Trust Pendeen site naming

Site naming attended by LEPCLT Trustees, Kate Parminter (2nd from left) and Andrew George (3rd from left)

Naming of affordable housing site in Pendeen formally took place on Saturday, witnessed by Lands End Peninsula Community Trust (LEPCLT) Board members, Andrew George, MP and Baroness Kate Parminter.

The Trust had asked local historian and archaeologist, Craig Weatherhill for advice when seeking a name and he came to the event to explain that his first point of reference was the Tithe Map of c.1841, where it was marked in English as “Great Croft”. He then translated it into late Cornish to become “Croft Mear”. Croft Mear has been accepted by Cornwall Council as an appropriate name so the properties will be numbered 1 – 8.

As the affordable homes and the open market bungalows to fund them are nearing completion we were able to look around one of each. Andrew George and Kate Parminter were impressed with the energy efficiency measures, the size and quality of the homes. They also felt the finish made them fit well into their wider location of Moorland Close. This was the first time some Board members had been to the site and they were impressed with the progress of Kier Living in building the homes.

More details of how to buy one of the homes Affordable Homes Croft Mear Pendeen

Bungalow at Croft Mear, Pendeen

Bungalow at Croft Mear, Pendeen