My Blog is Changing!

Posted on: 26th October 2013

I am going to start using my blog in a slightly different way. I am going to try my best to put a short piece on, every week. I am going to make them very short pieces and try to get some photos’s or other pictures. I will also try different things out so people can let me know what they like and don’t like.

I will try to help you know what sort of things I am doing, as your local councillor. Sometimes I will write about my hopes for the area or things I am trying to get done. Other times I will put things on my blog that help you to get to know me as a person. I hope that using the blog in this way will mean that everyone who visits my website can find something that interests them.

I will use the ‘news’ part of the website to keep you up to date with things that are happening locally or across Cornwall, as it happens.