Lambs and mother doing well

Posted on: 20th March 2015

Lambs and mother doing well although we are having to hand rear one and support the other.

Twin Lambs

Twin Lambs that had a traumatic entry into the world but now picking up!

I reported last week about the difficult birth of twin lambs and that it did not look good for one which was unable to stand. A new Lamb on the block Well, like before we bottle fed the weak one but unlike previous occasions we managed to encourage her to learn to stand. Very wobbly at first but now holding her own, if rather smaller than the male twin. Mind you, the twin has also decided he likes the bottle so we are supplementing his feeding from mum. It is likely she is a bit short of milk due to the trauma of the vet having to interfere with the birth and antibiotics.

I do love this time of year as lambs are always a distraction from other pressures. Walkers cannot resist stopping to say ‘hello’ but are a bit surprised by the lambs coming up to them!