GCSE Results at Cape Cornwall School

Posted on: 22nd August 2014

GCSE results at Cape Cornwall School, like the rest of the County are out. I want to add my congratulations to the local students for their achievements. More than 60% achieved C – A* grades in English and Maths, a great foundation for adult life. Whats more, from going into the school I know they are an interesting group with very individual characters and when we take that into account, alongside their academic achievements, I have a suspicions some names will be up in lights here and further afield!

As I said with ‘A’ level results, the exam result does not tell future employers, prospective partners and future friends everything about the person and even those who might be disappointed by their results now is the time to think about what they are good at and not dwell too much on what they are not good at. I am hopeless at geography and history but now in my 50’s I find I can get by and achieve in other areas of my life.

For more about our local great school visit their website!

Cape Cornwall School