Posted on: 16th February 2017

FACTS RE RESIDENTS PARKING SCHEME IN PENZANCE (This is a letter I’ve sent to the Cornishman)

We hear much about alternative facts but through a Labour Councillors Facebook page they seem to have come to Penzance, causing some local people unnecessary worries. Local Labour are suggesting that parking permits are about to be introduced in Penzance and that only they will stop them. Utter rubbish!

A survey early in 2016 identified Penzance, including Newlyn, as one of the 7 town areas in Cornwall where residents were saying there were problems connected with on-street parking. A range of draft proposals were put forward and a further period of consultation took place, ending before Christmas. Over 8,000 people took part so a lot of detailed information needs to be considered.

One idea that people appear to have universally rejected is on-street pay and display so that will be dropped. What Bert Biscoe, Cabinet member overseeing this process tells me is that
“Because the process of evaluating the many detailed responses regarding specific proposals for residents parking schemes is taking time, the plan for taking forward any scheme has been delayed and will not go to Cabinet until after elections in May.”

For Penzance, Bert went on to tell me
“That the consultation responses received from Penzance tend to suggest that residents parking permit schemes are not the most effective way forward for the town. Residents do state there is a problem but the Council needs to find an approach which makes good traffic management sense and is ‘owned’ by the affected communities.”

Just to give some added reassurance any changes to parking arrangements, in our car parks or streets, requires a Traffic Regulation Order. If and when that stage is reached, for any Town in Cornwall, it will be subject to a formal consultation as part of the legal procedure necessary to obtain an Order. So, no imposed changes anywhere in Cornwall without further consultation.

The facts might appear a little dull but they are far less scary for local people who have enough genuine challenges in life without ones produced through ‘alternative facts’.

Best Wishes

Sue James
Liberal Democrat Councillor for St Just

This link gives a Full Briefing to Cornwall Councillors on the Cornwallwide consultation. I have asked if I can go to the briefing in Penzance but consent has been withheld as I am not a Penzance Member. Town Parking February Briefing Note (1)