European Elections

Posted on: 5th May 2014

Postal Voters will receive their ballot papers for the European Elections this week. Most people, who intend to vote, will have filled them in and posted them back by next weekend. Trouble is only one party seems to have the resources and enthusiasm to get some posters up and talk about it. I fear the turn out will be low and the victor will represent a minority voice and not what most people really believe in.

I do believe the EU needs reforming and like any organisation that has massive growth or adds bits on over time, what works when very small does not necessarily work so well when larger and more complex. It is my belief that Cornwall benefits significantly from being in rather than out of Europe and that is why I will vote LibDem. I believe Graham Watson, MEP, when he warns “To be In Europe means to be In Work, and we are in danger of sleep-walking our way out.” Europe does invest in Cornwall, look at the signs by major new roads, community buildings, at training venues and even some businesses.

Catherine Bearder, MEP warns “… the creeping prospect of UKIP increasing its seats in the European Parliament doesn’t fill me with relish. Farage believes his party can cause a “political earthquake” on polling day. He could be right. But the biggest impact will be felt by British workers. Make no mistake, more UKIP MEP’s in Brussels would hurt this country.”

LibDem MEP’s at least turn up to debates that affect Cornwall and talk things through with local M.P’s and councillors to ensure they are well informed.

The European elections are on 22 May although the result will likely be determined by those voting this week by post. A very sad fact is that most other people will not bother or will think the European Elections are not important. Make that small effort and put your cross in a box, like me!