Cornwall Sustainability Awards

Posted on: 7th July 2018
So what is Cornwall Sustainability Awards?

The Cornwall Sustainability Awards (CSA) aims to encourage, reward and gain recognition for the excellent work businesses are doing to improve their own sustainability and that of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly as a whole.

Sounds good, who gets involved?

Any business, organisation, or individual who is doing their bit locally for sustainability and wishes to showcase their efforts. It doesn’t matter if you’re a micro business or a large multi-national – there’s a category for everyone!

My time is precious – Why should I apply?

  • It’s free to enter
  • Online application process makes it easy, save as you go until you are ready to submit
  • Shortlisted entrants get their name in lights at the awards ceremony on the 30th November and on our website
  • Opportunity to network with over 250 people from all sorts of different sectors
  • Winning an award improves your marketability and can lead to more business
  • Many of our winners and runners up go on to win regional, national and international awards
So – Which categories can I apply for?
All entrants can apply under two categories of their choice:

  • MICRO, SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE – Best Managed Business
  • FOOD – Best Contribution Towards Creating a Sustainable Food Economy, from Nature to Plate
  • ENERGY – Best Contribution Towards the Creation of a Sustainable Energy Economy
  • RESOURCES – Best Contribution to Resource Efficiency
  • NEW BUILD – Best Contribution to the Built Environment
  • RETRO-FIT – Best Contribution to the Built Environment
  • BRAND – Best Contribution to Cornwall’s ‘Brand’ Through Sustainability
  • INDIVIDUAL – Best Individual
  • COMMUNITY – Best Contribution to Sustainability by Increasing Resilience in the Community
  • INNOVATION – Tomorrow’s Contribution to Sustainability – The Greatest Potential Contribution to our Tomorrow
  • LAND – Best Farmer/ Land Manager Delivering Environmental Growth
  • THEME OF 2018 – Best Contribution to Reducing Plastic in the Environment
I’m sold – what now?

Visit Cornwall Sustainability Awards for more info and to apply or email