Cornwall to seek more powers from Government

Posted on: 24th January 2015

Cornwall to seek more powers from Government by stating ‘The Case for Cornwall’. The draft “Case for Cornwall” sets out the increased powers and freedoms the Council wants to secure from the Government to enable Cornwall to take greater control over its own affairs.

The draft gives the priorities as:
· Public transport and connectivity – including additional powers to decentralise bus regulation and retaining a fraction of fuel duty to maintain Cornwall’s roads
· Housing – including devolution of powers and land holdings from the Homes and Communities Agency, working with the Government to identify ways of managing the number of second homes and retaining Stamp Duty to build affordable housing
· Health and social care – including working with the Government to integrate health and social care
· Energy – including greater control over large scale energy infrastructure and Government investment in geothermal technology
· Public sector efficiency – including devolved delivery of funding and investment streams

Following the decision of Full Council agreeing to make the Case for Cornwall, the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council and the Chief Executive will now engage with the Government, national political parties, MPs and the public over the proposals set out in the document. This will include initial discussions taking place with main political parties before 26 March, with a more detailed document being submitted to the new Government following the General Election in May. As further work is undertaken to develop the proposals, a local cross party working group will be set up to oversee the progress and strengthen the document.