Cornwall Council Meeting to Agree a Response to Parliamentary Boundary Review: The Devonwall Problem

Posted on: 22nd October 2016

Cornwall Council meeting to agree a response to Parliamentary Boundary Review: The Devonwall Problem is set for 1 November and I will be there putting the case against the Devonwall but what option is most likely to succeed and be best for West Cornwall?

You can read all the papers here and let me have your thoughts by email or Facebook comments to my Councillor Sue James Facebook Page (remember to like the page to be able to freely post onto it).

In summary, we are being given 3 ways to oppose the Devonwall and we need to consider which is the strongest case AND what is best for Cornwall. Obviously, being a far West representative, I need to think of this area in particular. I’m not a constitutional expert and would welcome both opinion and expert guidance. ‘Anorak’ type people are often thought of as boring but it is at time like this they are wonderful!

Have your say and help me to represent West Cornwall effectively on this important matter.