Cornwall Council Business Plan & Budget 21/22 and Beyond

Posted on: 18th February 2021

Cornwall Council Business Plan & Budget 21/22 and beyond is to be put to Full Council on Tuesday. Always a strange thing to make plans at the end of a 4 year cycle because if voters completely change the Political make up of the Council, this can very quickly be torn up and a new direction set.

Proposed Cornwall Council Priorities. If you like this direction of travel then elect more Liberal Democrats across Cornwall!

This is how the Liberal Democrat/ Independent Council wants to spend your money.

This shows the pressure the Council budgets have been under. Cornwall Council is in a sound financial position but it you look around the country, that is not the case everywhere. Some of the worse are run by Conservative Councils so think hard how you vote in May

If you want to read the full business plan and budget papers that go to Council next week, the link is here  – scroll through to page 181 to read the Business Plan and think about whether this is the journey you want to continue travelling on, when you vote in May.