Cornish Choughs of West Cornwall

Posted on: 12th June 2016

Cornish Choughs of West Cornwall are something we should all discover and delight in, in my humble opinion. Like the decline of mining on our coastline the Chough disappeared between 1947 and 1967 but decided to return in 2002. If like me you assumed they were re-introduced, we are wrong. Wild choughs took it upon themselves to return, probably from Ireland.

Cornish choughs

Chough gathering, near a mine stack, their favourite haunt.

Last week I was taken by Nicola Shanks, Cornish Chough warden for the RSPB, to observe the birds in the Cot Valley. I have longed to see the Chough since I came to Cornwall in 2005. Now I have had experts help me locate and identify them I think I will probably spot them myself and will definitely recognise their piercing squawk!

On the day I went no young fledged but the next day they did. As cheesy as it is to say it, I was really chuffed to see the Chough!

Although our little choughs are resettling and grow in numbers in year they are still very vulnerable. As a result the RSPB needs us all to help by recording and reporting sighting to If you are interested in finding out more about their story then visit Cornish Choughs The website will also give you information in how you can get involved with helping the Chough stay safe on our coastline.