Carnyorth Telephone Box is Not Being Used

Posted on: 16th September 2016

BT are consulting on removing the phone box at Carnyorth

Carnyorth telephone box is not being used enough so might be heading for the scrap heap.

BT advise that, overall use of payphones has declined by over 90 per cent in the last decade and the need to provide payphones for use in emergency situations is diminishing all the time, with at least 98 per cent of the UK having either 3G or 4G coverage.  This is important because as long as there is network coverage, it’s now possible to call the emergency services, even when there is no credit or no coverage from mobile providers.

St Just Town Council are being informed that the phone box in Carnyorth has been identified and proposed for removal by BT. In the last 12 months only 9 calls were made from it. The Town Council will discuss the matter on Monday night.

Any objections or offers to adopt the kiosk should go to Kerri Gendall at and Mark James at – stating your reasons for non-removal or adoption. Full guidance on the removal process can be viewed at:

To enable Mark time to collate all responses please respond, as directed above, by no later than 28th October.


Carnyorth phone box. Did you make one of the 9 calls in the last 12 months? What would you have done without it?