A blog for International Women’s Day

Posted on: 8th March 2020

It seemed appropriate to write a blog on International Women’s Day. It has also been an interesting week to reflect on and share with you.

On Wednesday, the bird box I made with Penwith Landscape Partnership, finally went up outside. I was amazed that by Thursday morning a couple of Blue Tits were visiting. They have come daily (well I think it’s the same 2), but as yet no sign of making a nest inside. They are going in the box but no nest building materials.

New home for local birds. Blue Tits showing interest.

Thursday was of course St Pirans Day. I knew it was the anniversary of the death of a friend’s brother from a dug overdose in Cornwall. On Twitter, the one thing I regularly do is re-tweet posts by Sid (@CornwallDRDPC) who works in Cornwall to try to prevent drug related deaths and suicides and reduce the stigma attached to drug addiction. I therefore specifically looked out for the tweet marking the death of Christopher M. Instead of just the usual simple tweet in his memory, there followed a series of 11 poignant tweets they shared from his brother. I knew his brother because I was his line manager when we both worked for the Probation Service in Bristol. So, we re-connected that day as I paid my respects and we exchanged messages.

Also, on St Pirans day I represented the Town Council, as Deputy Mayor, at the parade in St Just. Marna, our Mayor was there playing in the band. Sadly the weather was against us so we had to go inside at the Sports Centre. I lined up with Karsten, our local vicar, behind a group of local school children. As the band played and we set off around the hall, the calling of “1, 2, 3 hop, 1, 2, 3 hop” kept on repeating with breaks when our local youngsters linked arms and turned first one way and then back.

We had gone around the hall one and a half times when the girls in front challenged Karsten and I for walking rather than dancing. Rather feebly I responded that we had not learnt the dance. Without delay, she abandoned her partner, grabbed me and instructed and guided me through the routine. She then thrust me back to Karsten saying, “teach him now!” Karsten and I set off obediently going through the routine. Then my tutor turned, looked and barked “You need to hold hands!” So, Karsten and I obediently held hands, much to the amusement of the chaps from Geevor behind.

I had feared that someone would capture us on camera and we would be posted on social media but the fact that it is now Sunday and nothing has appeared, leads me to conclude no-one captured the moment so our dignity is retained!

The next day I spent with another group of young people at County Hall. As part of International Women’s Day events, a mock Council meeting was arranged and female students applied for the opportunity to come to County Hall. They took over the Council’s Social media accounts for a while, had a debate in the Council Chamber, backed up by me and a few other Councillors and attended a Cornwall Leadership Board with the great and good leaders of Cornwall. They also met a senior officer in our Fire Service to encourage them to consider careers in Fire or to become our future retained fire crews.

Also on Friday, I had a letter published in the National newspaper, The Guardian. In a otherwise good article about the challenges Cornwall can face, they referred to Penzance as the first and last town in Cornwall. I felt compelled to put them right so they knew of our great town beyond Penzance.



They printed 2 letters in response to the Guardian article, mine being the 2nd.

Finally, yesterday, my daughter treated me to an early Mothers Day treat of a session at Tremorran, Botallack, in the craft studio, making stained glass decorations. Anyone who knows me will know that I’m not an artistic/ creative type. Just not where my talents lay so I went along with some trepidation. However, credit to the tutor, I came away with 2 simple pieces that I will find a spot to display. Proud enough to share with you here.

Not sure this has transformed me in to an artist but does demonstrate that if you try, you can achieve!