Sue James’ personal view on becoming a Cornwall Councillor (Submission for Local Democracy week 14 – 20 October)

Posted on: 26th September 2013

Cornwall Councillors have been asked to prepare a few words about their achievements and challenges as a Councillor. I thought I would share here my rather personal take on this.

Becoming a Councillor is a similar experience to becoming a mother for the first time. It is something you really want, get lots of advice about and prepare for but when the happy event arrives there was nothing that could prepare you for the life changing experience!

That said, I do feel that I have helped people locally and begun to find my voice in the formal council environment. Locally issues have been varied from getting rid of rats to negotiating on Business rate arrears. Many concerns relate to highways or worries that people from Liverpool will get allocated to new, social housing.

Formally, I got a motion passed unanimously and am pursuing the will of Councillors to ensure our Fire and Rescue Service remains under local control.