Fundraising for Cornwall’s NHS

Posted on: 15th April 2020

This post is not to criticise those wanting to fund raise for Cornwall’s NHS but more to give clarity about the need and where that money is likely to go.

Whilst Care Agencies, Residential Homes and other people you might think deserve some personal protective clothing and masks, do not currently have access to them, because not enough are getting to Cornwall to meet demand, our hospitals are saying they have what they need. Many residents want to do something positive and want to show their appreciation and respect for the NHS. I understand and get that but those considering giving, so they are giving with a good understanding, the link explains the Charity it will likely go to. A perfectly worthy cause. Royal Cornwall Hospital Charity

My advice also would be, only donate through a person you personally know to be absolutely trustworthy or in a way that ensures the money donated is going exactly where you want it to, particularly if giving significant sums; donate direct to the charity group.

This post is based on formal advice and information provided from Cornwall Council Officers and Councillors with direct links to NHS Managers.