Trewellard Methodist Sunday School Sold for £225,000

Posted on: 14th September 2014
Trewellard Methodist Sunday School sold

Trewellard Methodist Sunday School and field are sold

Trewellard Methodist Sunday School sold for £225,000 this week to an, as yet, unidentified purchaser. Several potential bidders interested in working with the community contacted me before the auction but, to date, no-one has contacted me since the purchase. It is probable that the buyer is from outside the small group people who had discussions with me.

Just in case the new owner Googles the Sunday School and comes across this piece, I would urge them to give me a ring so that I can hear their aspirations for the site and put forward some of the hopes and fears of local people.

Just before the auction I was given information that makes it clear that, both the buildings and field, could have protected species in them, based on reports of the Bat Conservation Trust and RSPB. In terms of the buildings, planning would require an Ecological survey before making any decisions but having consulted Officers at the Council it seems that the new owner should get advice before disturbing any potential habitats in the field to avoid the risk of prosecution, should protected species be disturbed or threatened. As this information only came to me just before the auction it is unlikely the purchaser will be aware of this but ignorance is not a defense.

So, Trewellard Sunday school has become a sad site to many but a wildlife haven to some. The new owner no doubt has big plans to match the big price paid. Let’s hope that the next phase of the historic building’s life can fit in harmoniously with the local community it has its roots planted in.