What does Tourism and Culture do for Cornwall?

Posted on: 25th February 2017

What does Tourism and Culture do for Cornwall? Is it good to invest in either or both of these or is it, as Tories locally and Nationally are saying “just vanity projects?” Are people confusing spending or wasting tax payers money with investing tax payers money? Investing money does not necessarily see immediate tangible benefits but over time the benefits can be much bigger and more long term than fixing a pot hole of painting some yellow lines?

The webcast on the budget at Full Council, Tuesday 21 February shows that our local Conservative group want to stop investing in Cornwall. Do you?

I felt this information graphic was useful and I leave it with people to ponder. Strangely, the Conservatives locally and Nationally seem to be off investing in Cornwall’s future; worrying when the money Europe has invested in Cornwall is likely to dry up and we were hoping the Government would step in to meet the shortfall!

Tourism and Culture Info Graphic

Tourism and Culture Info Graphic as food for thought


This link will take you to the view of Will Coleman – who brought us the Man Engine last year. European Capital of Culture Bid


Cornwall Council is very disappointed with today’s Government announcement that Cornwall will receive only £18m in investment over the next three years, despite being one of the poorest parts of the UK.

Julian German, the Council’s Portfolio Holder for Economy and Culture said; “Having encouraged Cornwall to put in an ambitious bid for funding, I am shocked that Government investment in Cornwall is so small.  Numerous businesses across Cornwall spent time and money putting in compelling bids for investment in products, services and infrastructure, many of them will now be left disappointed.”

The funding settlement is significantly less than the previous Growth Deal allocation given to Cornwall and falls far short of the investment required if Government is going to ensure that Cornwall does not lose out when European funding for the economy ceases as a result of the UK leaving the EU. EU funding currently provides £60m per year to develop vital local projects such as superfast broadband and business support.

Cllr German continued “In future I would encourage Government investment to take account of need. The current process forces Cornwall to compete for investment with more affluent places such as London, Birmingham, Bristol and the South East. It takes no account of our low earnings, poverty and rurality.”

“As a result of this announcement the LEP will be forced to reduce the investment it was hoping to make in Cornish businesses.”

Cornwall Council will be reviewing its current list of economic development projects when more detail is known.