Opportunity Comes Knocking for Long Term Out of Work West Cornwall Folk

Posted on: 2nd March 2018

Opportunity comes knocking for long term out of work West Cornwall folk. If you are reading this or can think of someone that thinks they will never work again because ……. then this might just change life for the better – Who Dares Works!

Who Dares Works in St Just

Who Dares Works offers varied days in St Just but it is under way so hurry!

Who Dares works is a great project to help people over 18’s that are not currently working think about and make their next steps in life. The programme in St Just has many individual sessions whereas the Penzance information is about courses people can join. The programme is run by military veterans and the feedback I’m getting is that they are truly inspiring and even if you or the person you know thinks “they cannot do anything for me” I’ll bet you they can! If you are stuck at home, what is there to lose? Give it a go and the only thing you can do is gain!

Programme posters to print and display or just read! Who Dares Works St Just  Who Dares Works YMCA  Who Dares Works Lescudjack St Just is underway but you can join individual session including a chance for anyone to get pre-loved children’s clothes on 12 March.

If you cannot get involved in these programmes then the contact details are on the posters so contact them and get involved VERY soon!