Modular Homes …Would Your Consider Living in One?

Posted on: 1st August 2021

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Modular Homes …Would Your Consider Living in One? They are not traditional build but, I believe they are more sustainable, in terms of building materials and much faster to deliver. The housing crisis that is pushing locals out of their communities and making those living in private rented accommodation feel nervous and insecure does call for some imaginative solutions, given that (in my opinion) I cannot imagine a Government of any colour being radical enough to intervene and fix the broken housing market. Too many wealthy voters have a vested interest in the status quo and too few of the most vulnerable and affected have loud enough voices or clout to bring about real change.

I am a very small fish in all of this but, if I can find a way to help a few local people, then that will be better than just wringing my hands and expressing sympathy to those losing their homes in our community. So, with my Lands End Peninsula Community Land Trust hat on I  hosted a visit and meeting with people from Agile Properties. They have a different approach to delivering homes.

Initially on the day, a few of us did some speculative site visits around the Parish of St Just. These involved Andrew George and an adviser for Cornwall Community Land Trust (CCLT) who have extensive experience of building homes for local people and know how to access resources to deliver homes to buy and rent. Out of the visits, both Agile Properties and CCLT have local sites of interest that they will follow up with us as the local Land Trust. Obviously it is far too early to predict whether anything will actually come of this or how long it might take. However, as I remain concerned for the broken housing market in this area, and am particularly concerned for local people losing their rented homes for no fault of their own, I will keep the conversations going and hope.
So, as a way of starting a conversation with you, particularly if you need a home or might be in that position soon, email me if you would like to receive more information on the modular homes or visit the Agile Properties website: Agile Properties
If the modular homes idea came to anything down West then, it could be local folk that learn to build them. Possibly even the very people in need of homes.