Off to @LibDemConf in Glasgow so follow me on Twitter

Posted on: 3rd October 2014

Off to @LibDemConf in Glasgow so follow me on Twitter. Tomorrow, first thing, I set off to Glasgow to attend the Liberal Democrat conference. I have not been to conference before but have put in an amendment to a policy motion, being discussed on Sunday to strengthen the party’s position on getting rid of Police and Crime Commissioners in 2016 and to re-establish a National Victim Support Service independent of the Police (recently the commissioning of victim services passed to Police and Crime Commissioners).

Like the Labour party, Liberal Democrats are committed to doing away with this costly role that has little public support or interest. You might say that is good enough and wonder why I started the e-petition to Cancel Police and Crime Commissioner elections in 2016? Well, I think that, if I could get the matter debated in Parliament, this side of the General election, we would be more certain that the role would go. After the General election, even if there is a change of Government, I fear that it will be said there is not enough time to change things before the election in 2016, and if another round of elections happens, it is less likely they will go, in my opinion.

So, help me get the signatures up to 100,000 (the threshold for a debate in Westminster) by signing yourself at and using the social media buttons, on the petitions page, to spread the word!

I will not be blogging now until Thursday but if you want news from my first conference experience, as it happens, follow me @SueCllrsuejames on Twitter.