From Lafrowda to WOMAD

Posted on: 28th July 2014

From Lafrowda to WOMAD in a week! Yes, after the wonderful experience of Lafrowda I traveled to Malmsebury, in Wiltshire, for WOMAD. I have never been to a festival in my life but this was a dream of my husband and daughter so I joined them, for a family break, in their dream!


Sue joining the ‘kids’ at WOMAD

It was an amazing experience, in terms of the music and food from around the world but not so keen on not being able to have a shower and being baked in the sun! There were many campaigns/ political (small p) messages to take in too and one struck a chord with me, the VSO campaign to involve more women in decision making. I may write about this again, as it is relevant to a meeting I have planned with the leader of the Council, John Pollard.

WOMAD band

Singing and dancing band from Zimbabwe, at WOMAD