Join Andrew George at Pengersick Castle for a Cream Tea

Posted on: 13th April 2022

Join Andrew George at Pengersick Castle for a Cream Tea, as part of our fundraising and volunteer recruitment to get Andrew George elected as our MP when the General Election comes, whenever it is. I appeal to friends who might well be paid up members or committed supporters of the Labour or Green party to think very hard about whether, next time, voting with your principles and seeing a conservative re-elected here, is what you really, really want? Dreams and principles are all very laudable but the St Ives constituency Parliamentary seat is Conservative or Liberal Democrat, it has never been anything else. See recent General Election results below.

Our host is opening up this amazing venue for this event

So, if you want to come along to start our journey of getting Andrew George back as our local MP, book yourself a place through Eventbrite Tickets so we can manage numbers. It is free to book BUT please bring your cash, cheque book, (I’ll have the constituency’s bank details) ideas for fundraising and what you are willing to do to help the election campaign.

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GE Results for St Ives Constituency (from Wikipedia)

General election 2019: St Ives[13]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative Derek Thomas 25,365 49.3 +6.1
Liberal Democrats Andrew George 21,085 41.0 -1.6
Labour Alana Bates 3,553 6.9 -7.4
Green Ian Flindall 964 1.9 New
Liberal Robert Smith 314 0.6 New
Common People John Harris 132 0.3 New
Majority 4,280 8.3 +7.7
Turnout 51,413 74.9 -1.0
Conservative hold Swing +3.9
General election 2017: St Ives[14]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative Derek Thomas 22,120 43.2 +4.9
Liberal Democrats Andrew George 21,808 42.6 +9.4
Labour Christopher Drew 7,298 14.3 +5.0
Majority 312 0.6 -4.5
Turnout 51,226 75.9 +2.2
Conservative hold Swing -2.3
General election 2015: St Ives[15][16] [17]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative Derek Thomas 18,491 38.3 −0.7
Liberal Democrats Andrew George 16,022 33.2 −9.5
UKIP Graham Calderwood 5,720 11.8 +6.2
Labour Cornelius Olivier 4,510 9.3 +1.1
Green Tim Andrewes 3,051 6.3 +3.5
Mebyon Kernow Rob Simmons 518 1.1 +0.3
Majority 2,469 5.1 N/A
Turnout 48,312 73.7 +5.1
Conservative gain from Liberal Democrats Swing +4.5