Honey the Community Pig Update

Posted on: 18th February 2018
Honey the Pig

Honey the Pig eating breakfast

Honey the community pig from Boscaswell is still with us but getting old!

Back in 2013 she lived in a field just before Moorland Close in Pendeen but was not being well cared for and the community stepped in to do their best. In the end, her owner completely abandoned her, leaving the area and stopping paying rent for the field. Understandably, locals had fallen in love with Honey and worried what would become of her. Broomfield animal sanctuary at Levant wanted to assist but pigs and ponies are not happy sole mates so we agreed to foster her. She has lived here since.

Her poor start in life has meant her skin has always had problems in breaking down and, as she is getting older, this problem worsens thus the purple spray to prevent infection.

People often ask me if she is still alive and so I thought it was long overdue for an update. We do not know how old she is as I do not know how old when she came to us in 2013. Stories suggest she was between 2 and 4 when she came which means she is at least 6 and probably closer to 8 or 9.