Help Name Cornwall’s Fire Boat

Posted on: 29th July 2017

Help name Cornwall’s new Fire Boat but please, not ‘Boaty McBoatface’ as it is already taken and won’t be considered!

Cornwall Fire Boat

Cornwall’s new Fire Boat needs a good Cornish name

A new fire boat is being constructed specifically for the needs of the Service where it will be used for maritime incidents and also in partnership with other emergency services, for prevention, boat safety and transportation / safety cover during busy events such as regattas. It is hoped to be operational by the end of summer 2017 and will primarily be kept on a berth at Falmouth Marina, but it needs a name! If you have a suggestion for a name, the Council would love to know about it!

Criteria for name suggestions

  • Cornish links are encouraged for the suggested name
  • Keep it short – This is the sensible option in emergencies. Should you ever need to call for assistance, every second can count, so a smaller name is better.
  • Suitability – keep your name suggestion family friendly.
  • Safety – Try repeating your chosen name out loud, as if in a call to the Coast Guard for example, and assess how it sounds. You need to make sure your suggested name is easy to say and hear in case of an emergency.

Follow the link to complete and submit your form to suggest a name.