Government says “Stay alert, control the virus, save lives”

Posted on: 13th May 2020

Government says “Stay Alert, control the virus, save lives” and have produced a lengthy document to explain this and their road map to balance the health of the nation against the health of the economy. It would be easy to pick holes in it and there are quite rightly many ifs, buts and maybes but if you take the trouble to read the detail, it does at least say people should remain living in their own homes and driving any distance, does not mean going on holiday. The weakness is that many will not read that level of detail and instead will hear, easing the lock downreturn to workplay golfmeet a friend, drive as far as you like.

I would encourage people to read the the document as, from some statements of senior Conservative MP’s, I’m not entirely sure they have! They seem to tell us what they want it to say…. it is more tentative than they sound, in my opinon.

Here it is: Gvt Plan to Rebuild

My hope is that, when is it safe for us to meet and mix again, we will find a new ‘normal’ that is kinder to the environment and therefore better for our humans health and for wildlife, we share the planet with. I very much hope to put some thought to this, over the next few days/ weeks and will share my thinking, through a blog and with Edwina Hannaford, Cornwall’s Cabinet Member for Climate Change. Whilst I’m happy the new normal might involve less trips o County Hall to sit in a room for meetings, I do need the number of virtual, on-line meetings to reduce.