Community Grants for St Just and Pendeen

Posted on: 26th October 2015

Community Grants for St Just and Pendeen through my Community Chest fund, are running out!

This is on 2 counts:

  1. Only £575 left
  2. I really need to find good projects to give the money to by January and with Christmas in between, that’s not long.

To find out what I have given money to so far this year and more about the fund then visit Community Chest Funds

I really would like local organisations to make use of this small amount of money. I could give £200 – £300 to 2 organisations that can show they have or can obtain match funding for a project. Alternatively, if there are 6 organisations, with an idea that needs £100 or less, I can fund the whole of their project. Some projects just need a little money to make them happen and those are the projects I’d like readers help to find.