Centenary of Levant Man Engine Disaster Next Weekend

Posted on: 13th October 2019

The Centenary of the Levant Man Engine Disaster is next weekend and many people locally, with little fuss have been working very hard to ensure the moment is marked in an appropriate way. I know that as many descendent as possible have been contacted and hopefully will be here alongside locals.

This Facebook post, made I’m sure by Delia Webb, gives a bit of an idea of what is planned.

I attended a simple but fitting and moving service at Levant to mark 90 years and know back then that Delia did much work to bring some of the family stories to life and she has supported the National Trust with their endeavours to ensure we pay our respects this time. A heart felt thanks to Delia and the National Trust team.

The Miner’s Chapel in St Just at playing a big part in ensuring an appropriate Service takes place on the anniversary day, 20 October. A huge thanks to David James and the team there as I know they have worked hard with Pendeen Church and St Just Church to locate the 31 Miner’s graves and ensure an appropriate marking is put in place as some graves were totally unmarked and un-cared for.

St Just Miner's Chapel

This is the fruits of the Miner’s Chapel teams efforts to locate graves. Much more can be found at the chapel or on their Facebook page.

The Miner’s Chapel also have a memorial Plaque to mark the occasion.

Levant Mine Engine Disaster

Plaque to be displayed at St Just Miner’s Chapel

For my tiny part I am going to be singing as part of a large choir at the Service on Sunday, along with Pendeen Band. That is going to include a piece of music written by Stephen Trahair, especially for the occasion. Looking forward to it but slightly nervous as I’ve not got to all the rehearsals.

Music for Choir to sing at Levant Centenary Service

I’m sure this is an event that our community will mark well because that is the sort of community we are. Thanks to all those working hard to make it special and appropriate for the families.