Affordable Housing For Local People

Posted on: 5th September 2013

Rumours abound about the housing being built at St Just. I know it does not look smart at the moment but I feel we should all wait until it is complete and we have got use to it before we judge it too harshly. As well as critics I have had  some very touching calls from local people who feel the housing is the best thing that has happened in St Just for many years. They are the people living in poor conditions and desperate for a decent home.

With regard to the rumours, it is local people who will get first claim. If some-one in band A, living in Penzance, with no connection to the Parish of St Just is competing with some-one in band D with a local connection then the local person of lower need will be allocated the house. You must be on the Homechoices register to be eligible to apply. More news on a local event regarding these homes soon.

The homes that are starting to be built in Moorland close will also give priority to those with a local connection, this time to buy. As grants are no longer available to help build affordable homes for local people, there are a couple of open market bungalows here to subsidise the affordables. Even a charity cannot manage to build the lower cost homes without this financial help. To find out about affordable homes to buy go to the South West Homes website .