Time Out To Visit All The Great Local Events

Posted on: 2nd December 2013

I am being told that I need to pace myself as I have become chained to various computers and am answering local concerns, on the phone, 7 days a week. I am therefore scheduling myself some ‘time out’ between now and Christmas. Don’t worry, I am still representing you and was there, for the great budget debate at full council on Tuesday (see news). This seemed a great weekend to start having some time to myself!

Film Club at the Methodist Chapel in St Just

I have to confess to being a first time attender to this on Friday eve. I was attracted to see Summer in February. I attended the art exhibition, featuring the Bohemian Lamorna artists who are the subject of the tragic romantic drama. It is always more interesting when a story has a strong local connection and even better when it is filmed around our coastline.

The film nights, at the Methodist hall, are the last Friday of the month (although they are taking December off) so do look out for them.

Make sure you get along to the display of trees at the Chapel between 12 and 21 December as I found it really put you in the Christmas mood last year!

Advent Food and Craft Fair at Bosavern Community Farm

24 hours before this event I felt that the mood would be very low as the chance to buy the farm was ebbing away.  Thanks to local people, who really believe in the vision for the farm, the purchase was more or less on track to proceed by the time I got there. Well done to the current Board and all the current and previous volunteers for sticking with the project through the ups and downs. We now have the prospect of fresh and wholesome food, with low food miles on our doorsteps!

The new farm shop is a real asset so get over there, one afternoon, to see for yourself. There are some nice little gift ideas too. A new volunteering opportunity, if you are looking for a way to contribute to the work of the farm.

Advent Craft Fair at Cape Cornwall Golf Club

On Sunday, a nice way to do my Christmas shopping, was at the annual craft fair. The talents of local people amaze me! If you have not got all your Christmas shopping (she says with a smile) then some of our local crafts are worth a look. Some maybe a little expensive but I think it is so nice to give things with a local feel.

Sinking of the Alacrity

Hats off to Delia Webb and her team for the exhibition and film clips surrounding events of the sinking of the Alacrity, off Potheras and the slow process of removing the remains of the ship from our local beach. Many want Delia to publish what she has discovered and, talking to Delia, she wants to discover more. Any of you that were on Penwith District Council, when cleaning the beach was discussed, then Delia would love access to minutes as they do not seem to have made the transfer from District to Cornwall Council.

I feel that it would be worth a little community funding to see this story published. The material, in its current form, can be made available to local schools.