Lafrowda Day 2014

Posted on: 20th July 2014

Lafrowda Day 2014 was blessed with sunshine, excellent and varied music, great food and a community spirit that several visitors commented on. I will not name names but there were people from Penzance saying it was better than Golowan so the Lafrowda crew can be rightly proud and take a week off before thinking of next year!! I kept commenting, all day, how wonderful it was to see performers aged from teens to 70’s and revelers from tots to pensioners. Yes, if people want to be critical, there were some who drank too much and may not have been on their best behaviour but considering the numbers, it was a tiny, tiny minority and they were handled professionally and discretely by security staff. As ever, the parades were an amazing and creative tribute to the whole community.

Lafrowda Parade 2014

Part of the morning childrens’ parade on Lafrowda Day 2014

I joined in with the community parade in the afternoon, to represent the Bendigo Twinning. 4 of us dressed as Bel Maidens (not as described by the commentator as “Bel Grannies”). We had great fun but I cannot imagine doing any physical work in that outfit and felt as if I had a book balanced on my head.

Cllr Sue James as Bal Maiden

Cllr Sue James as Bal Maiden in the Lafrowda Community Parade 2014

Lafrowda sees many local businesses get a welcome boost of income and in what sometimes seems like depressing financial times, is a welcome lift to the spirits of the local community. We should enjoy each others company more as I’m sure, overall, it is good for our health and wellbeing!!