Cornwall Libraries and One Stop Shops are under review

Posted on: 4th April 2015

Cornwall Libraries and One Stop Shops are under review and this is your chance to have a say. This is going to be a very important consultation to shape the future of the service but as huge savings have to be made Cornwall Council cannot run them as they do now.

The consultation began on 01 April and runs until 10 June 2015. It puts forward two models for discussion and comment although the final design could be a mixture of models or based on a new idea that emerges from the consultation.

The two models being put forward for discussion are

  • Transfer the operation of individual libraries and/ or one stop shops to other interested parties e.g. to a Town/Parish Council or community organisation. This model also includes options for alternative service delivery including community owned or managed services, and the involvement of volunteers
  • Or a ‘whole service’ model e.g. transfer the operation of libraries/one stop shops to a trust, commercial organisation, or social enterprise or introduce further modern technology across the service. This model could also include options for a regional service with other Local Authorities. Modern technology can include self service.
St Just Library

Have your say on the future running of St Just Library

To find out more about the consultation visit library and one stop shop services are delivered in the future. Here people can complete a survey on-line and find out about drop in sessions around Cornwall. The drop-in session at St Just Library will be Tuesday 28 April between 10 am and 12 noon and between 1 pm and 4 pm.

It is also possible to request a printed questionnaire by calling 0300 1234 111 or by picking one up at a Library or One Stop Shop.