Campaign for 2015 General Election has begun

Posted on: 1st January 2015

Campaign for 2015 General Election has begun and I will be campaigning to get Andrew George, LibDem, re-elected in the St Ives constituency. I think he has been a great constituency M.P and really does understand and stand up for local people.

Those who follow the news will know this is a target seat for the Greens and the Conservatives. It is a straight race between Andrew and the Tory candidate and take it from me, the Tories will throw everything at this seat as getting it back to a Conservative one would make it more likely that they can run the Country on their own. It may have pained me to see my party go into coalition with the Conservatives but I am quite clear that ordinary people would be finding life far tougher if LibDem M.P’s had not been there.

As the very much smaller party in the coalition LibDem M.Ps have made a significant impact, summed up well by Mark Pack LibDem achievements in coalition government 

Andrew George has been fighting to have badgers vaccinated not killed, put patients before profit in our NHS, is fighting to scrap the bedroom tax, is working to get an effective breakwater in Penzance and a Helicopter flying back to the Isles of Scilly. Andrew supports decent homes for local people but wants to ensure we do not lose what is special about Cornwall or make areas a developers paradise, meeting their greed not local need.

To find out how you can help him get re-elected  Click here or come to my Coffee Morning