A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

Posted on: 19th July 2020

This blog is a bit of a mixture so, hopefully something of interest to many, if not all!

I’ll start off with a new interactive page on Cornwall Council’s website for communities, businesses, Towns and Parishes to share good practice and ideas to ensure Cornwall is Carbon neutral BY 2030. It is up and running now so why not check it out for yourself. The Carbon Neutral Cornwall (CNC) Hive provides a space for people to share ideas and chat about how we can all help Climate Change: Share your experience and ideas to be carbon neutral

I believe Helston Town Council/ Climate Action Group are going to be keen to share what they are doing as a community but, in advance, here is a link to their website. Helston Town Council & Climate Action Group info

For those looking for inspiration to reduce their carbon emission, have you seen the Carbon Buddy Manual (link tells you all about it).

Pendeen Farmers Market, 1st & 3rd Saturdays of the month. Now opposite Pendeen Church to keep everyone safe outside

Pendeen Farmers Market is back but, to keep everyone safe, it has moved outside, opposite Pendeen Church. It seemed to work very well for traders and customers with a great atmosphere so, if you did not get along on Saturday, make it a date for 1st August.

Does anyone remember the Painting the Future project, some art based community research? I think it was back in 2017/18. Anyway, the results/ outcomes at last published. I’ll leave you to ponder …. Painting a Parish Future

As a member of the Liberal Democrats, I am expecting my voting papers for the Leadership Election at the end of this month. Many reading this will think it does not matter or they do not care but to me it does matter so I share the choices with you. At the moment I am leaning towards Layla Moran as I think she is more about the future and Ed Davey, as safe as his hands might seem, will be regarded as part of the past that many voters rejected.

Ed Davey and Layla Moran in a head to head to take the leadership of the Liberal Democrats