40 people have joined the St Ives constituency LibDems

Posted on: 29th May 2015

40 people have joined the St Ives constituency LibDems since the General Election. I have had the brilliant job of ringing them to welcome them to our little family. It has really lifted my spirits and so many have skills and want to get stuck in to get the values of Liberal Democracy up and running again across Cornwall.

So many people were genuinely upset at the loss of Andrew George as our local MP that it just shows how many lives he really connected with. Andrew tells me he has received more than 500 letters, cards and emails expressing support and their sense of loss.

If anyone else wants to get involved then Join the FightbackLiberal Democrats. It doesn’t matter if you are unable to be a fully active member, just making the effort to join gives me and other LibDem councillors and MPs a warm feeling that people are still behind us, despite the election result. Plus, if you want to vote on who becomes the next leader of the party make sure you join before 4pm on the 3rd of June.