Volunteer Drivers Needed in and around St Just Parish

Posted on: 16th April 2022

Volunteers needed to drive these for the benefit of people in our community

Volunteer drivers are needed in and around St Just Parish to drive our Douglas Woolcock Minibuses that can take folk to medical appointments or even social outings, if capacity could be boosted. Full induction training is given but ideally people volunteering need to commit to at least 1 full day or 2 half days per fortnight.

Many locals are very worried about the changes to the local bus services, making it harder to get to West Cornwall Hospital, Penwith College and the Doctors Surgery at St Clare, plus for those able only to walk short distances, fewer buses are going up through town in Penzance. So, I suspect more local people will need the Douglas Woolcock minibus but they can only meet local needs with enough drivers.

So, if you might be able to help, ring Bill Jago on 07485 673550.

For those wanting to find out more about the transport service offered or book a journey ring Di Slater on 07899 412060