Mystery circles appear on the grass at County Hall

Posted on: 7th March 2019

Mystery circles appear on the grass at County Hall that had everyone guessing for a while. I’m delighted to say that they are the first step towards my vision of wild flowers planted instead of just overly mowed grass at County Hall.

Wild circles

Each circle will become a wild flower bed

When I discovered what they were I was like a child that had been given free run of the sweety shop! I have been pushing for this, for about a year and told by previous Environment Cabinet holders that, as reasonable as the request seems, it could not be done. I even had senior officers taking a sharp intake of breath and say no, it’s listed! I knew I had got a break through but imagined a small rectangular bed in a remote corner somewhere. This exceeded my dreams!

Well, showing the wonder of women power, this achievement is largely down to myself and 2 female officers just not accepting ‘no’ as a reasonable response. I cannot wait until we get planting. This probably seems a tiny achievement but it is a huge one in the face of bureaucracy!

Now thinking bug hotel and bee hives! Am I getting ahead of myself?