Man Engine Visiting St Just and Pendeen

Posted on: 15th August 2016
Man Engine collage

Man Engine collage from my photographs taken in St Just and Pendeen on 6 August

Man Engine visiting St Just and Pendeen on Saturday 6 August was awesome! However, there were a few anxious moments in the few days before the visit due to crowds exceeding expectations in most locations. There were emergency planning meetings at County Hall and I received phone calls to help with local knowledge; plus local people were contacting me confused or concerned over arrangements. I found myself taking on an informal communications role, in the last 48 hours before the event but to use an over used dramatic phrase, “it was all alright on the night” or day as was the case.

I had the privilege of being an invited guest in St Just so was a little embarrassed to be one of a few taken to inside the barrier. Luckily being rather short I did not spoil the view of anyone that had been standing waiting for a long time. I did get some tremendous photographs and think like most people, I was struck by the creative genius but also the respect for local mining heritage and the dirty and risky business of being a miner.

I went with family and friends to Geevor and by a combination of getting into place early and the raised position of the performance, I got a reasonable view there too. I enjoyed the community singing at this event and the atmosphere was tremendous.

Man Engine goes to Geevor

Man Engine goes to Geevor

Never one to miss an opportunity, I did manage to talk with the great and creative master, Will Coleman. I brought to his attention the plight of our Miners’ Cathedral in St Just and to be fair, he was horrified at the possibility of it being boarded up. I know that he does not have a magic wand and I suppose he is a busy man but I plan to try to get him back in St Just to have a good look around the Chapel and see what emerges! Cheeky I know but he is an adult and can always say “no”!