Local Meeting on Future of Health and Social Care; Open to the Public

Posted on: 10th November 2016

Community Network Agenda for evening of 17 November. Note 2nd item and make sure you come to find out the truth behind the Governments Sustainability and Transformation Plans

Local meeting on Future of Health and Social Care; open to the public so I hope sincerely that people will come along. The Government and local senior managers are keen to dress these ‘Plans’ up in grand positive language but because of the lack of investment in health and social care, by successive Governments, this is really the plan for where the cuts will go.

If you don’t believe me then come and see for yourself.

If you are wondering what this ‘West Penwith Community Network’ meeting is then it is where Cornwall and Town and Parish Councillors can come together to share and discuss issues of local interest. They should always be open to the public and community groups should be included as part of them. The reality is they rarely have people other than Councillors present and if you look at how they are controlled (by the Chair and Vice Chair) you can judge for yourselves why. I’m bringing this one to your attention because it is too important to just be promoted through the Councils website. Hopefully others will feel the same and it will get promoted as your opportunity to find out what is going on. I fear that ‘managers’ will use this session to tick a box on public engagement, even if they do not expect you to come. I hasten to add, this is not aimed at Dr Neil Walden who will be there as I have found him to be as honest as he is allowed to be!!

For more on the Community Network click link to Council website