Getting Involved with Democracy with Baroness D’Souza

Posted on: 25th September 2015

Getting involved with Democracy with Baroness D’Souza is an event I have taken the opportunity to make available to the people of Cornwall.

To find out more about Baroness D’Souza

It all started a couple of months ago when my phone at home rang. It was the Parliamentary Outreach Office who had got my number from an event I had attended at County Hall. I was recognised as a person championing the under representation of women in both local and National politics. They told me that Baroness D’Souza, a cross bencher in the Lords, had business in Cornwall and she was happy to work with me and Cornwall Council on an event to encourage more people to get involved in Politics.

From that call an event is being developed and I thought it worth me giving some early warning of the date. It will be Friday 16 October, during the afternoon, at County Hall in Truro. Invitations and publicity should be going out far and wide, very soon. If you are interested to find out more about becoming a community leader by getting elected as a Councillor, either at Town or Parish or for Cornwall or perhaps you have had thoughts you could do a better job than your MP, then come along. You can sign up to my email updates (to the right) to be kept informed on this event.

There will be speakers (including me), lots of information and a chance to ask questions. As well as the more formal bit of the meeting, in the Council Chamber, there will be stands outside with a range of information from a variety of organisations and likely Political and Independent groups. Whilst the event started out from my concern about the lack of women in the Council Chamber, this is not a women only event as I acknowledge that there are other groups of people in Cornwall that are also under represented in the Council Chamber; younger people and disabled people to name just a couple more.