Campaigning News for Cornwall

Posted on: 8th August 2016
Campaigning in Penzance

Cllr Sue James and ex-MP Andrew George supporting Penny Young during recent Penzance Town Council by-election where she came a respectable 2nd

Campaigning news for Cornwall is hard to keep up with when you are a local activist like me! It is rare, outside of election periods, that I have used my website Politically but I feel we are in unique and turbulent but interesting Political times so I am making a rare exception.

There is the famous saying that “a week is a long time in Politics” but I’m sure that all will agree that since the referendum on 23 June, it has been a Political roller coaster. Nationally and locally things have been interesting and at times tense, particularly in my role of Vice Chair of Cornwall Liberal Democrats.

PZ March Penny Andrew  Sue

Andrew George with Penny Young and Cllr Sue James at a post referendum March for the Next Generation

Although some of the critics of my Liberal Democrat party think we have been ‘wiped out’ and have no future relevance in Politics, down at the grass roots we are very much thriving and reviving! In 2013, when I was elected to Cornwall Council, there were 36 LibDem Councillors and we now number 43 with the latest by-election results in but there is another by-election in Four Lanes that we are fighting hard. So, in Cornwall, we are the only realistic alternative to the Tories (no other party has had such growth). Another fact you might be unaware of is that in May 2013 there were 6 UKIP Councillors and now there is 1; the other 5 resigned. However, to turn local successes into General Election ones we need people to get behind us as a party although from local comments, I know many are behind our ex-MP Andrew George.

LibDem Council Group on Cornwall Council

LibDem Council Group has grown from 36 in May 2013 to 43 today and hopefully 44 after a by-election on 1 September

Andrew has confirmed he is ready to stand, if an early General Election is called but to stand a chance of ridding us of our local Tory MP we need people to join the party, donate money and get involved locally. He has been out, along with me and others campaigning

Andrew addresses crowd

Andrew addresses crowd at Next Generation March in Penzance post Referendum

From this page of my website you will find a donate button (to the right of this post) to enable you to support Andrew and myself and other local LibDems. If you want to talk with me about getting involved campaigning then email me on However, if you want to join the biggest surge in membership the National party has seen by joining our over 17,000 newbies since the Referendum Join Liberal Democrats here. Alternatively, use my email to send me your details and I’ll arrange for someone to pop around (only if you live within the St Ives Parliamentary constituency).

Anyone studying Political facts rather than rhetoric will know the main challenge to the Tories holding National power in Westminster are Liberal Democrats in the SW.