Bosavern Community Farm Spring Celebration

Posted on: 1st June 2014

Bosavern Community Farm Spring Celebration Event on Saturday 31 May 2014

Bosavern Community Farm Spring Celebration

People relax in the sun, enjoying the community’s farm!

On the last day of May I wandered along to Bosavern Community Farm for a relaxing lunch in the sun! I then wandered around with a couple of the Board members to see how things are progressing. Having been involved with the farm, in the background, since January 2010 I can see the progress and changes clearly. I think, for those more actively involved on a day to day basis, things can seem to progress painfully slowly but as a behind the scenes supporter, it takes your breath away!

I know some local people can be critical but over the next decade I hope everyone will appreciate the efforts of the many local people who have had the vision to ensure that we have an excellent space to produce our own local food. It is not there to compete with local businesses but can add to what they are offering and hopefully play a part in keeping people shopping local rather than making so many trips to that monstrous Sainsbury’s (I am still proud to say I have not been in).

At this very moment the farm need help with finishing off the erection of a fruit cage so that they can grow soft fruits, protected from the birds. They also want to get the farm shop running again so need a team of volunteers to run that.

Bosavern Community Farm Veg patch

Veg production in the fields